Day by Day Learning services include character education training programs for teachers, parents and whole school staff.

‘Nurturing Good Character‘ is a 2-day program designed for all school staff, parents and caregivers interested in building a more harmonious and joyful school or home environment while learning how to teach and inspire young children in their development of good character and healthy habits.

The ‘Day by Day Curriculum Training Program’ is a 6 day certified course for schools/teachers interested in using the Day by Day curriculum in their classrooms. This in-depth training addresses the theory and pedagogy underpinning the curriculum as well as delivery methods and practices for daily lessons including story telling techniques, approaches to cooperative games, learning virtues based songs with related actions, creating roles plays and studying together how these concepts can be woven into the whole school environment.

Our Principal leadership course ‘Leading with Good Character’ provides school Principals with a framework, knowledge and practical skills to guide, motivate and accompany their staff with a new approach to leadership based on unity, service and consultation.

The Day by Day ‘Accompanying You’ full school support program is a 6-12 month journey together working deeply with schools, identifying their needs, observing their environment, developing knowledge and sharing skills that inspires staff to live and work with virtues creating an educational environment where excellence in academics and good character are woven together seamlessly.

In addition to our face to face trainings, we are developing a suite of on line learning and support programming available on our WeChat platform.

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These materials are for parents and teachers who want to explore further learning about character education. Our facilitators update this page regularly with recommended articles, books, and other useful links pertaining to the healthy development of young children. Please check back often to see what we’ve added!