Virtues grow in Guizhou Anshun Experimental Kindergarten

Virtues grow in Guizhou Anshun Experimental Kindergarten

Teacher Tan, Guizhou Anshun Experimental Kindergarten, has virtue classes for her children. In the short message 
Teacher Tan wrote to Day by Day Learning, she mentioned:"What I planted already gets harvest! For example, after 
the kids learn about the virtue of cleanliness, they can put all the things in good order.Every day,the first thing
after they finish eating, they help A Yi to tidy up the table and floor. During the nap time, they can put their
clothes and quilt neatly without reminder. I've never met such children who love to work in more than 20 years, 
especially most of the children in China are the single child in their family who form the habbit of relying on 
others. You may look at these children on the pictures. They love to work so much! It's because of you, Day by Day
Learning, who brings the heat effect to our kids!"

Let's take a look at these lovely kdis:
IMAG0335   IMAG0236 

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